Embracing Culture

The History of Creole cuisine is a story that spans back to the beginning of New Orleans in 1717. Being one of the largest port cities in the early years of America, New Orleans was the queen of the south with a huge population most of them being immigrants.


The city’s make-up consisted of Native Americans, French, Spanish, German, Italians, Haitians, and of course African Americans who were brought here as slaves. Creole cuisine is a melting pot of the flavors and techniques from all of these cultures. Most of the dishes which are at the core of the cuisine are a mixture of one or more of the different cultural influences.


Here at Alligator Pear we pay homage to the culture and bring an experience from which the tenants were built. Our Mission is to develop a progressive creole cuisine which helps to preserve the food legacy that is New Orleans.

Deep Creole Roots

Born and raised in New Orleans, chef Dominick had always had a passion for cooking and would beeline for restaurants during career days in high school.


In 2004, Hurricane Katrina’s devastation displaced him and his family, mentally and physically. When Dominick returned to New Orleans to attend Xavier University, he intended to become a surgeon. Quickly disinterested, Dom dropped out and refocused his attention on his early passion: cooking.


After a stint at Johnny Sanchez, Lee relocated to Houston to attend The Art Institute of Houston, where he was granted Chef Chris Shepherd’s inaugural Underbelly Scholarship Award in 2017. Since then, chef Dominick extensive resume grew, from working under Executive Chef Kiran Verma at Kiran’s as Executive Sous Chef, to opening and leading Poitín Bar and Kitchen.


Poitín Bar & Kitchen was named Top Restaurants Of 2019 by Texas Monthly Magazine and Lee was awarded a nomination for Rising Star Chef 2019 from CultureMap Houston, Rising Star Chef 2019 from Eater Houston, as well as best dish titles for various events across the city.

As a community-conscious chef, Lee has organized and participated in various events and dinners that give back to the community such as AVDA Home Safe Home Gala 2017, 2018, 2019; Dress For Success Galas 2018, 2019; Food Apartheid Dinner Series 2019; and Houston Black Restaurant Week 2019 to name


In Opening Alligator Pear Chef Dominick branches out on his first solo venture where he bridges his food with the story of his hometown. 

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